Why we use Southco Marine Hardware

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Boat Outfitters carries a large selection of Southco marine hardware including latches and deck hardware. In addition to selling Southco marine hardware we use Southco in the majority of our products that require latches and pulls.

Why use Southco Marine Hardware?

Southco is an industry leading manufacturer of marine hardware include marine latches, hinges and deck hardware. Southco marine hardware is well known in the marine industry as a quality component that will hold up to the marine environment. Southco is very involved in the marine industry and supports the entire boat building and dealer network. In addition to their involvement in the marine industry Southco has a strict environmental policy which us as boaters and conservationists, we can appreciate. Southco is committed to conducting business in a way to properly manage environmental challenges as an integral part of their business.

Southco Marine Hardware Means Quality!

Southco started in 1899 as a specialty pipe manufacturer in the oil industry. Beginning in 1945 Southco, inc was established as a specialty fastener and latch business. Southco over the past 6 decades has transformed into an innovative global business. The growth of the business has been attributed to organic growth as well as completion of strategic acquisitions. In more recent years the growth has been fostered by innovative marketing including internet marketing and social media marketing.

Southco Latches featured by Boat Outfitters.

At Boat Outfitters we carry several varieties of Southco marine hardware and Southco marine latches including.

Our parent company Teak Isle also incorporates Southco Marine latches in our line of wholesale and OEM products including our tackle systems, boat glove boxes and boat storage systems. Since we are very familiar with original equipment and original latch used on most boat models we do not recommend you try to retrofit marien latches or components on your boat. Contact one of our knowledgeable staff to help guide you through the marine hardware required for your boat. We have extensive experience in OEM boat parts and help you select the right Southco marine latch for your application.

For a complete selection of Southco Marine hardware and Southco Marine Latches check out our website www.boatoutfitters.com or our parent company Teak Isle.

Southco is not only in the marine hardware business. For more details about Southco you may visit Southco.com

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