Tuff Coat

Looking for a Non-Skid solution for your Boat? Tuff Coat should be your first choice, the rubberized non-skid coating is so easy to apply, and provides incredible traction for your boat or slippery surfaces. Tuff Coat recommends their UT-100F for Wood and Fiberglass surfaces, The (F) is for flex, allowing the coating to flex gradually with surfaces that give, like Wood and Fiberglass. Tuff Coat comes in a variety of color choices, as seen below.

Application by rolling is ideal, but other alternatives to rolling are; Under Coating or Cup Guns, a Drywall Hopper Gun or a Texture Spray Rig for bigger projects. Before the Application process, it is highly recommended to use Tuff Coat CP-10 Primer in order to get the best results out of your Tuff Coat. Tuff Coat will last you a good 7-10 years, and if by that time you feel another coat is needed, just apply a single coat over top and you’re good for another 7-10 years.

Applying Tuff Coat is a three step process, “Clean, Prime and Coat”. Cleaning the surface is crucial to your application process, failure to do so may affect your adhesion results due to an unclean surface.

The next step is to Prime your surface with CP-10. Rolling on CP-10 is the only way to get the results you’re looking for so you’ll want to invest in a Tuff Coat Roller. Make sure you allot several hours for CP-10 to dry after your done coating the surface with primer.


Your last step is to coat your surface with Tuff Coat Rubberized coating. Again, rolling proves to be the best way to apply, but isn’t the only option. Spraying or brushing are options as well, and will depend on what tools you have available and the amount of surface you wish to cover. Two coats is suggested to ensure a long lasting strong layer of coating.

Here is an example of Tuff Coat on a 13′ Boston Whaler.

Before Tuff Coat

After Tuff Coat

Boat Outfitters is proud to carry Tuff Coat, for the results speak for themselves. Tuff Coat allows you to transform your boat or surface into something functional and enjoyable. For any additional questions you may have concerning Tuff Coat, please don’t hesitate to give us a call (866) 633-7961, We’re Here to Help!

(Click HERE for a “How To” Video Concerning Tuff Coat Application)

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