King Starboard

Why to use King Starboard Marine Board for your Boating Project

King Starboard - Boat OutfittersBoat Outfitters uses King Starboard marine board in the majority of products. Here’s why you should use King Starboard in your next boating project.

King Starboard is the original marine grade polyethylene, high-density marine board. King Starboard marine plastic is well known as the marine industry standard when it comes to high quality plastic boards. The marine board is made from a proprietary process known as K-Stran®, the most advanced manufacturing process known for producing consistently flat continuous sheets. King Starboard marine board is stabilized to hold up in the harshest of outdoor marine environments. Unlike other marine board material King Starboard plastic boards will not rot, deteriorate or discolor. This makes for an ideal marine plastic well suited for boating and marine use.

One of the major advantages of any marine plastic is the installed cost of plastic boards is well below that of other marine materials such as teak, and fiberglass. King Starboard is easy to work with and finishes nicely using standard wood working tools, including our advanced CNC routers. Design changes are very easy when using plastic boards especially when you consider the cost. Another plus is that King Starboard sheathing maximizes the yield per square foot of material thus reducing your overall project cost. [continue reading…]

The Marine Industry’s Plastic Transformation

As most of you are probably aware, our parent company is ironically named Teak Isle Mfg. With the introduction of marine grade plastics in the early 90’s, specifically King Starboard, the marine industry underwent a dramatic shift away from wood component parts towards plastic component parts.

In 1990, 90%+ of Teak Isle’s fabricated parts were composed of Wood. By 1995, 90%+ were plastic.

So what were the reasons for such a quick and dramatic material switch? [continue reading…]