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Are you struggling to find replacement boat latches for your older model boat?

You are not alone. Since manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve boat hardware it is not unusual to discontinue certain lines of marine latches and accessories. Where does this leave you? It leaves you searching for hardware or boat latches to fit your older boat. You can’t fault the hardware manufacturers or the boat builders because they are making improvements to their products; which is good for everyone. The other problem when you are in need of a replacement boat latch is that many times the boat builder may have changed vendors or styles of latches so when you go to order the boat latch you need they no longer stock that particular marine latch.

Your only choice is to turn to your local marine hardware store or search the internet for the exactly replacement latch you need. This is where Boat Outfitters comes in… Boat Outfitters has a huge selection of boat latches and marine latches. [continue reading…]