boat glove boxes

Boat Glove Boxes

glove boxes

There never seems to be enough room to stow small items like your wallet, cell phone and car keys on your boat? Boat Outfitters has a full line of boat glove boxes to help solve your problems. (You can never have enough storage space on your boat!) All standard glove boxes can be customized to your specifications to get the most out of your space!

If depth is tight, we have a tilt-out style glove box that only requires 5” of depth for installation. This tilt-out style also allows access behind your box for access to wiring or whatever else may be behind your unit. This tilt-out style box is available in two standard sizes (8.625” tall x 17.5” wide) & (8.625” x 12” wide). However we can stretch or shrink this style box to fit your available space. [continue reading…]