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Supporting Responsible Marine Stewardship

At Boat Outfitters, we proudly partner with organizations that are dedicated to protecting valuable marine resources. The Coastal Conservation Association Network (CCA) is a national, non-profit marine organization that acts as an advocate for the sustainable health of coastal fisheries and for recreational anglers’ interests. The organization supports projects from coast to coast on local, state and national levels, ranging from funding marine-science scholarships to building artificial reefs.

The Florida Chapter of the CCA is one of 17 state chapters. Locally, the Orlando, Florida chapter has worked steadfastly to promote awareness of marine conservation topics through community involvement. For the past three years, we’ve shown our support for the CCA Orlando Chapter not only by becoming members, but also through donations and attendance at fundraising events. This year, we are excited to continue showing our support by attending their 20th Annual BBQ and Auction.

In addition, we will be donating the following awesome items to be auctioned off in an effort to raise both awareness and funds for the organization’s many noteworthy projects:

We invite you to join us at the BBQ and show your support for a great organization! For information on the event or to learn more about The Coastal Conservation Association of Florida, please visit their website at  


Leaning Post Tackle Storage

Leaning Post | Boat Outfitters

Boat Outfitters is now offering Integrated Tackle Storage Units into their line of Boat Leaning Posts.

If you have ever needed more storage space in your boat but just can’t figure out where to get those extra couple of inches of space here is a great idea from Boat Outfitters. They are making custom tackle storage units that integrate into most leaning posts.

Most boaters with a open center console boat have some form of leaning post. The benefits of a leaning post are obvious when it comes to comfort and relief of standing all day or running in rough water. Now you can enjoy added storage beneath your exiting or new leaning post.

While many leaning posts do come with rod holders and some already come equipped with a dry box under the seat portion of the leaning post however Boat Outfitters took this concept to another plateau with their integrated custom tackle storage units.

Leaning Post Tackle Storage | Boat OutfittersTheir Leaning Post Tackle Unit – 4 Tray with Storage fits nicely underneath most common leaning posts. This unit boasts 3 built-in storage units, 4 built-in tackle trays, and an open storage bin for catching everything else that needs a place.

The tackle storage unit measures 15 ¾” tall x 29 1/2 “ “ wide x 18 ¼” deep. The minimum required depth to slide the unit under your leaning post is 18 ¼”. The unit is made from high quality King Starboard plastic and stainless steel hardware. It is available in all standard King Starboard colors, White/White, Artic White and Seafoam. Please note some color variations may exist.  To confirm your colors you may order a sample color chain from Boat Outfitters here > King Starboard Color Chain.

Another of the most popular tackle units is the Leaning Post Tackle Unit, Item # 13770-50461. This unit features (4) 3730 Plano Tackle Trays, lift-off leader holder, pull out lure rack, and pull out cutting board. For added storage you get 3 deep drawers, and an upper catch-all area with retainer lip. The pull out cutting board is a great feature when used with your bait station. As with all of our custom tackle units this model is also built with King Starboard marine plastic and high quality stainless steel hardware.Boat Outfitters | Leaning Post Tackle Storage

Virtually any of our tackle storage units can be utilized with our leaning posts. Since we custom make tackle storage units we can work with you to design just about any storage system to conform with your existing leaning post. If you need a complete leaning post and storage solution we can combine any of our leaning posts with tackle storage units and add on a SeaDek Helm Station Pad for added comfort and non skid benefits.

In addition to our integrated tackle units we also offer additional accessories including: Universal Leaning Post Backrest, Clamp-On Grab Rail & Backrest and Clamp-On Grab Rails. Our leaning posts are from Taco Metals and carry their standard 3 – year warranty. They are made from anodized aluminum and fiberglass with a high quality cushion for added comfort. If you don’t require additional tackle storage your can store up to a 72 quart cooler under most of our leaning posts.

Boat Outfitters has the best solution when it comes to comfort and added storage for your leaning post. Visit our website at or call us at (866) 633-7961. We’re Here to Help!