Solve Your Boat Rod Storage Woes!

Boat Rod Holder | Boat OutfittersIf you’re looking for additional boat rod storage you have many options to choose from. If you have a center console you can install the standard vertical fishing rod holder also referred to as rod racks. Rod racks can be installed on each side of your center console and can hold 2, 3 or 4 rods. The rods are held upright in a vertical position. The rod holders are usually made from aluminum, marine grade PVC or marine grade plastic such as from King Starboard. Additional finish options include gold anodized finish and a satin finish which is gaining in popularity. Plastic or PVC fishing rod holders typically come in white or black.

Boat Outfitters offers boat rod holders or rod racks with additional storage options for items such as pliers, knives, and Boga Grip Holders. The boat rod holder tube is typically made from PVC and has a cutout in the tube to hold your rod in place at the reel seat. The rods are held in a vertical potion extending up from the center console. These boat rod holders make for a great rod storage solution for just about any center console application.

You can install 1 set or take full advantage of each side of your center console and install one on each side. You can easily install the rod holder with a drill and screw driver. Be sure to us high quality marine grade stainless steel screws when installing your rod holders. Use a marine sealer in all holes required for installation.

Another area to consider installing boat rod holders is on the sides of your boat. Many boats come with side mounted fishing rod holders however, many do not. This is a preferred place to store your rods since they will be tucked under out of your way. Gunwale mounted rod holders usually come in two pieces, the first piece will be for the butt end of the rod while the other piece will be for the tip of the rod. The rod holders will typically come with some form of tie down like a bungee cord to ensure the rods stay in the rod holder.

Use caution when installing side or gunwale mounted boat rod holders. If you do have a double walled gunwale or some form of backing for accessories you will end up drilling through your boat. As with the vertical boat rod holders be sure and use marine grade stainless steel mounting hardware and sealant to properly seal the screw holes.  Side mounted boat rod holders are mostly made from PVC or King Starboard plastics much like the vertical, console mounted rod holders.

If you are lacking proper rod storage in your open fisherman, flats boats or any type of center console boat you can easily solve this problem with standard rod racks or gunwale mounted boat rod holders. If you have a lot of rods install both, you could easily add rod storage and protection for up to 14 or more rods.

Boat Outfitters has a large selection of boat rod holders to help organize and protect your valuable investment. Made from quality marine grade components and stainless steel hardware we have the best solution for your rod holder needs. We carry Vertical rod holders for center console application and horizontal boat rod holders for your gunwale. We have several models and material options and reasonable prices. Check them out today in our Boat Rod Holders department or call us at (866) 633-7961. We’re here to help!