Rod Spike Cup Holder

Boat Outfitters has put together a simple and cheap solution to a common problem on many fishing boats.  The one thing boats never have enough of is drink holders.  What we have put together is a simple part that slides in to a flush mounted rod holder and converts it into a cup holder.  Conveniently, this cup holder fits both 15° and 30° rod holders.

This is a great addition to any fishing boat, especially for those slower days when you just want to hang out at the sand bar.  One thing that drives me crazy is setting my drink on the gunwale of the boat while I attempt to get into the boat without it tipping over!  I can’t tell you how many tasty beverages have fallen waste to the sea as a result of this balancing act.  What we wanted to do is solve the issues of few cup holders by utilizing existing hardware, to avoid drilling more holes in our beloved boats.

Prepare for the upcoming boating season by getting your hands on a couple of these!  These Cup Holders can be found via their part number, 13770-80039, or through this link:  If you have any questions or concerns about these cup holders, or any other parts, you can always reach us at 866-633-7961.

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