Replacing Worn Latches

The quick and easy boat makeover!

Replacement Boat Latches - Boat Outfitters

Few pieces of hardware take more of a beating than a boat latch. Opened, closed, and slammed shut repeatedly (not to mention saltwater and constant UV rays). The truth of the matter is, that plastic boat latches have a limited lifespan on a heavily used boat.

The good news is that replacement latches are readily available, quick and easy to change out, and not outrageously priced like many replacement boat parts. With about 20 minutes of work you can give your boat a dramatic facelift. offers White, Black and Off-white flush latches. All are available as either locking or non-locking.

Plastic Flush Latches - Boat Outfitters

For the person who really wants to upgrade their boat, stainless steel flush latches are the way to go. Outside of the nice look, stainless steel latches are a significantly more durable option that typically never has to be replaced. All Boat Outfitters stainless latches are 316 stainless steel and have been proven durable on literally millions of boats.

As with the plastic flush latches, our stainless flush latches are available both locking and non-locking and in a variety of styles. We offer a D Style Flush Latch, a Bird Style Flush Latch and a Slim Style Flush Latch.

Stainless Flush Latches - Boat OutfittersInstalled Replacement Boat Latches - Boat Outfitters

Check back in the new few days for a post showing how quick and easy it is to change these flush latches out!