Custom Bar and Storage Unit

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Even though a majority of our products are geared towards fishing, we are always taking on new projects.  We received a call from a customer looking to take advantage of his space with something suited more to their needs of entertaining on their boat.  After a few sketches back and forth we were able to come up with a layout to build a custom bar/entertainment unit to fit in their space and provide a more welcoming layout for having guests stop by on the dock.

This unit featured a pullout trash can, a small storage tub to hold some ice, a drawer for storing soda and water along with a storage area utilizing an open top design to allow room for installing a Sidebar beverage dispenser.  I also have to add that they did a fantastic job on the installation and lighting of this unit. [continue reading…]

Cooler Top Cutting Boards for Yeti, Engel, Dakota, and K2 Coolers

Cooler Top Cutting Boards for Yeti, Engel, Dakota, and K2 Coolers thumbnail

After looking at all the stories and reviews of the roto molded coolers we decided we need to give it a shot and started looking for the one that would fit us best.  It seems like there are new brands popping up every day but we narrowed it down to a 65Qt Yeti Tundra.  The first trip was more of a road trip and it went great. I was very impressed with how well it kept ice as well as how solid they are built.  The second trip was finally taking it out for some fishing, we packed up the gear and headed over towards Port Canaveral.  After a quick stop for bait we made our way over to one of our regular wading spots and started getting set up. [continue reading…]

Fish Track- How to properly trim a trolling lure skirt

Our friends over at Fish Track have another great video up concerning “How to properly trim a trolling lure skirt”Fish Track

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