Built In Tackle Box

After a great deal of searching for the perfect Tackle Storage Unit you have finally found the one you want but it needs some modifications so it will fit in your boat. You may need size modifications, the addition of or fewer Plano Trays, different latches, etc. Boat Outfitters can help design your custom Tackle Storage Unit to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

As an example, let’s use the Tackle Units shown below. On the left we have a standard Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) unit and on the right, the same unit modified to meet a customer’s specifications. In order to meet the requirements of 20” in height we had to remove one of the smaller, and one of the larger Plano Trays. The drawers and the open storage area also decreased in height as well. With some slight engineering modifications, we were able to this custom unit specific to his boat without having to go the “full custom route” which avoided a $200 engineering fee.

Let’s talk about things you should consider when starting your custom tackle box project.


Some of the critical dimensions you want to consider when designing your custom tackle unit are the height and width of the unit, the cutout dimensions, and the depth required for your unit installation. Let’s walk through this to make it easy for you. In the drawing below your cutout dimension or the size of the hole you’re putting the unit into is 231/8 X 231/8. To get the height and width (Outside Dimensions) of the unit you will want, simply add 15/8” to those numbers and you will have the accurate height and width to give us. In this case it would be 243/4 X 243/4.


You can choose from a variety of different Starboard color options. For this particular unit we have the standard colors of White/White (brightest white), Arctic White (slightly off-white) and Seafoam off-white egg shell.)


There are a variety of latches to choose from. We have stainless steel latches or plastic latches and the options for them to be locking or non-locking as shown below. On our website you can see all of the latches that are available. These are just a small sampling of what is available to you.

 Marine Latches - Boat Outfitters

 Plano Trays

There are a variety of Plano Trays to choose from as shown below but not restricted to those displayed. This is your custom tackle unit so you have a wide variety of Plano Trays to choose from on our website.



In these particular units we show outside mounting options. However, you can also choose to mount your custom tackle unit with an inside mounting configuration if you prefer hidden fasteners.


All of the items we have discussed are choices and decisions we can help you with!