Custom Tackle Box – 10 Plano Tray Unit

Brand New Custom Tackle Box!

At we have over 100 different standard size boat tackle storage units to choose from. These predesigned units afford customers the opportunity to leverage preexisting designs and avoid engineering costs. Sometimes, unique space restrictions or existing hole cutouts make it such that none of our standard sizes will work. In such a case we can modify our standard units to fit your unique space. Such was the case with last week’s project…

The customer wanted to replace an existing ice maker in his Cabo 40 Express with some tackle trays. He pulled out the unit and sent us a picture with some dimensions. After searching through the standard sizes online we realized that there was not a tackle unit that would fit his existing cutout.

Existing Ice Maker Cutout                                                     Boat Outfitters Standard Sizes

Replace Ice Maker - Tackle Boxes

The size of the cutout was 16.75” wide x 26.75” tall. The customer wanted to maximize the Plano 3700 Trays that could fit into the space. The one complication was that the existing cutout was cut a little bit closer to the deck than is typical. The typical frame overlap is ¾”, but the customer was concerned that the lower frame overlap needed to be smaller to accommodate the radius going into the deck. With his information we moved forward with an engineering drawing of his custom unit. Engineering drawings require a $200 deposit that is applied towards the cost assuming if you move forward with the custom tackle unit.

Custom Tackle Unit Drawing

Note the standard frame overlap of ¾” on the top & sides, while the bottom overlap is only 3/8”

The unit was approved and we started on production!

Tackle Unit Ten Plano TrayTackle Unit Ten Plano Tray Empty

The unit really turned out great! We have since modified the unit for a standard overlap and loaded online. As we continue to build more custom units our catalog of standard sizes will continue to grow. This unit is available online at here

Have a great day everyone!