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Custom Tackle Boxes | Boat OutfittersIt’s time to get serious about Custom Tackle Storage!

One of the problems facing most Sport Fishing Boats is having enough tackle storage. With limited space in the fishing area of most sport fishing and offshore boats proper tackle storage is often overlooked. In fact many boats don’t offer any built-in tackle storage at all. Our custom tackle boxes will fill the void left behind by most boat companies when it comes to adequate tackle storage. At Boat Outfitters you can order custom tackle boxes for just about any configuration you can dream up.

The main advantage of our custom tackle boxes is that they are built into your boat. No need to worry about tripping over loose tackle storage boxes or not being able to find your favorite lure when you need it because your tackle is stowed away “somewhere” in your boat. With our built in custom tackle boxes you can have all of your terminal tackle, accessories, lures and tools all in one convenient place. Our “cabinet” style custom tackle boxes are a perfect solution for your Sport Fishing boat and they stay closed even in the roughest of water. If you need the extra flexibility of a built in tackle center but can’t find anything that meets your needs; then our custom tackle boxes is your only solution.

We can incorporate storage of Plano style tackle storage boxes, drawers or tackle trays in most configurations of our custom tackle boxes. Your ideas become your reality and the options are endless. Install many of our tool and leader holders to add even more tackle storage options to your custom tackle boxes. All of our custom tackle boxes come equipped with marine grade stainless steel latches, hinges and fasteners. The tackle storage units are made from King Starboard Plastic which is the best marine plastic on the market today. Our tackle storage centers and custom tackle boxes come in  standard King Starboard colors including, White/White, Artic White, Seafoam, Fish White, Dolphin Gray, Glacier, Gray and Black. Thickness of the material varies from ¼ inch up to the sturdiest 1 inch thick. We offer sample color chains to insure you are getting the exact color expected in our custom tackle boxes.

As the name implies custom tackle boxes are just that; custom tackle boxes. Making custom products is a specialty at Boat Outfitters. We can custom fabricate a virtually any custom tackle system based upon your requirements. That’s right just submit a rough drawing or detailed description and we will make a complete and ready to install “custom tackle box”. How easy is that?

Ordering our ready to install custom tackle boxes is easy; here’s all you need to do:

  1. Provide a basic sketch of your custom tackle storage unit. Once we receive your design and discuss your overall project requirements we will provide a no obligation feasibility assessment and quote for your custom tackle box.
  2. Design. Once our price range is accepted and small deposit is received we will have our team of designers create an initial drawing of your unit for approval. Once the preliminary design drawings and firm pricing proposal is approved we will begin the development phase of your custom tackle storage box project.  Generally our custom tackle boxes take about 2-3 weeks to ship once payment is received.

Installation of our custom tackle boxes is as easy as 1-2-3: Here’s how to install:

  1.  Carefully measure and cut the tackle box hole cut out. Insure you do not cut any wider than the frames flange.
  2. Place the box into the cutout.
  3. Drill pilot holes into your existing fiberglass through the pre-drilled holes on the inside flange of your new tackle storage box.
  4. Install and securely fasten the stainless steel screws into the pre-drilled pilot holes until box is fully secured and all screws are tight.

That’s it your new custom tackle storage box is fully installed and ready to use.

Once you install your very own fully customized tackle storage unit you will wonder why you did not do this sooner. You now have a custom tackle center designed not only for your boat but for your style of fishing. Now everything finally has a place and you can spend your time doing what you love to do; Fishing.

For more information about our custom tackle boxes contact call Boat Outfitters  (866) 633-7961 or visit Boat Outfitters website


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