Custom Bar and Storage Unit

Even though a majority of our products are geared towards fishing, we are always taking on new projects.  We received a call from a customer looking to take advantage of his space with something suited more to their needs of entertaining on their boat.  After a few sketches back and forth we were able to come up with a layout to build a custom bar/entertainment unit to fit in their space and provide a more welcoming layout for having guests stop by on the dock.

This unit featured a pullout trash can, a small storage tub to hold some ice, a drawer for storing soda and water along with a storage area utilizing an open top design to allow room for installing a Sidebar beverage dispenser.  I also have to add that they did a fantastic job on the installation and lighting of this unit.

IMG_3149Bar lit up IMG_2066IMG_3146

If you have any ideas for projects to customize your boat to better fit your needs give us a call at:


We look forward to working with you to optimize your space to fit your style of boating!