Cooler Top Cutting Boards for Yeti, Engel, Dakota, and K2 Coolers

After looking at all the stories and reviews of the roto molded coolers we decided we need to give it a shot and started looking for the one that would fit us best.  It seems like there are new brands popping up every day but we narrowed it down to a 65Qt Yeti Tundra.  The first trip was more of a road trip and it went great. I was very impressed with how well it kept ice as well as how solid they are built.  The second trip was finally taking it out for some fishing, we packed up the gear and headed over towards Port Canaveral.  After a quick stop for bait we made our way over to one of our regular wading spots and started getting set up.

Yeti Fillet Table

I pulled out the bait we picked up on the way and dropped it on the cooler lid to start chunking it out.  As soon as I went to make the first cut I cringed a little bit thinking of digging a bait knife into the top of our new cooler. I made it through that outing without doing too much damage but knew that I did not want to keep chancing it every time we went out fishing.  This problem was something that I actually heard quite a few other people talking about regarding these coolers but there really was not a clean way to fix the issue other than carrying an additional board just for bait prep.  We were planning a trip to SW Florida and decided we needed to find a solution beforehand.Yeti Cutting Board

After some discussion in the office, and looking at looking at some of the existing products built by Boat Outfitters, we decided to design a line of cutting boards specifically for cooler tops.  We are now offering a line of Cooler Top Cutting Boards custom made to fit many of the leading brands of coolers including  Yeti, Engel, Dakota, and K2 .  These cutting board tops will protect the top of your cooler while turning it into a functional workspace without the need for packing additional gear.  This top mounts on the cooler without having to drill holes and installs in seconds.  This product also allows you full use of the cooler without having to remove the cutting board and they also include an engraved ruler across the top edge for quick reference.

Cooler Cutting Board

These cutting board tops are built out of King Starboard engineered to fit directly on your cooler with no drilling, which was also a big plus. The top stays on by utilizing small tabs that slide over the cooler lid locking it into place.  With the  numberof accessories that are being introduced for these coolers growing daily it is also great that this top can be installed without interfering with the accessory slots.  This makes it possible to use your tie down straps on the cooler while the Cooler Top Cutting Board is installed.

Cooler Fillet Table

One important feature that goes a little unnoticed is a drip ledge that is large enough to be effective but does not create a trip hazard if you plan on using the cooler as a casting platform.  SeaDek pads are also a common addition to the coolers, taking that into account Boat Outfitters also includes a spacer so the cutting boards can still be installed right over the SeaDek.  Since this cutting board is constructed of King Starboard cleanup is a breeze.  A quick rinse followed by a sanitizing wipe and you are ready for your next event.

Although fishing trips were the original reason we were interested in looking for a solution to not having to carry an addition cutting board, after installing Boat Outfitters Cooler Top Cutting Board it has already worked great for us in other areas.  So far we have used it used a prep station during a small cookout while on the road and also at a Memorial Day weekend cookout giving us a large solid platform to chop up BBQ from the smoker so I see this working out perfectly for us during tailgates this football season.

Boat Outfitters is currently offering cooler top cutting board tops for several popular models of Yeti, Engel, Dakota, and K2 coolers.  If you have any questions about our Cooler Top Cutting Boards or any of our products please give us a call at 1-800-633-7961 and we would be happy to assist you.