Build Your Own Boat Door

When searching online for replacement boat parts for your boat, it is easy to find yourself lost in a sea of options (none of which really are what you’re looking for). Traditionally, people looking to retrofit an OEM quality replacement boat door must either revert to building it themselves or working with a local plastics fabricator. While a local plastics shop can sometimes get the job done, it is generally a long process as they must order the marine grade material, figure out the general marine design engineering and assemble a part they have never built before. The result is an overpriced door built by fabricators inexperienced with marine products.

Not Anymore! Now, the same guys who over 200 boat builders trust to build their parts can knock you out a custom boat door in a matter of days at a very fair price. Build your Own Boat Door is a simple product page that enables an individual to create their exact door in less than 5 minutes!

We offer two main types of access doors to choose from:

Starboard and Acrylic Door - Boat Outfitters

Starboard Access Doors are our most popular option as they are the most durable and cost effective. They also are the easiest to install with predrilled face mounting holes.

Aluminum Framed Access Doors are available with either Starboard or Acrylic door faces. They offer a very low profile, hidden fastener look that is aesthetically pleasing.

How to build your own door:

When designing your replacement door it is first important to understand there are 3 critical dimensions:

  • Your Outside Dimensions – The length and width measurements of the outside of the frame
  • Your Hole Cutout – The hole cutout that the door will install into
  • Pass Through Dimensions – the opening size the door will create (important only if you know you need to fit something through the door)

Step 1: Specify your outside dimensions – For customers trying to fit an existing hole cutout, the outside dimensions will be 1.75” larger for a starboard door & 1” larger for an aluminum framed door. As you type in your outside dimensions, your hole cutout and pass through dims will display above. See Highlight Below:

Build Your Own - Dims

Step 2: Select your Color – Doors are available in 5 different colors – White/White, Arctic White, Seafoam, Black, & Dolphin Gray (Starboard Only).

King Starboard Colors - Boat Outfitters

Step 3: Select your Latch – Choose among white plastic, black plastic, & stainless steel flush latches. All are available either locking or non-locking. Locking and Stainless options are subject to an up charge.

Marine Latches - Boat OutfittersStep 4: Select your other specifications– Lastly you can choose among a variety of additional features to further customize your door. For Starboard doors, you can select to add an integrated seal (standard for aluminum framed doors). On Starboard doors, you can also select to either have your face mounting holes predrilled or to take care of that yourself (Aluminum framed doors are all predrilled for inside flange mounting). You can also add vented louvers to either style door to add some ventilation to your storage area.

Click Get Price and Order! Starboard doors generally ship within 2-3 days. Aluminum Framed doors take a little longer (4-5 days) because they must be custom bent and powder coated.

Build Your Own - Priced

Any questions? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!