Featured Custom #BoatBuild: Bobbi’s Swim Platform Just In Time for Scalloping

This week’s featured custom #BoatBuild is Bobbi’s Scallop Swim Platform:

Bobbi wanted to add a swim platform on his boat before scallop season and spent a good deal of time looking for the perfect one. He finally found that the Outboard Swim Platform 3 step ladder offered at Boat Outfitters was exactly what he was looking for.

After ordering the part, Bobbi went to work to slightly modify the King Starboard platform to fit his boat’s transom by cutting a notch out the back to clear the trim tab actuator. This is is a common challenge on bay boats with trim tabs as they have lower gunwales and shallower drafts! By making a few customizations, Bobbi is now able to use his step ladder with ease and makes getting back into the boat this scalloping season a breeze! 

Are you in need of any specific additions to your boat, but afraid that purchased pieces won’t fit properly? NEVER FEAR! We at Boat Outfitters can work with you to help meet your specific needs and make your boat the masterpiece of your dreams! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding specific pieces or customization of parts for your boat or fishing masterpiece!