Boat Leaning Posts Provides Several Benefits

leaning post | boat outfittersA Leaning Post can offer many benefits when installed in your boat. A properly installed boat leaning post offers support, versatility and makes a great alternative to captain’s chairs. If you have never had any support while at the helm of your boat you will come to love having a new leaning post. While a boat leaning post is nothing new we are seeing more and more boaters either buying their first leaning post or replacing their captain chairs for the modern leaning post. Today’s leaning posts offer many options to make your day on the water more efficient. If you have a center console boat you most likely already have a leaning post and understand the benefits. If however you are considering your first boat leaning post you may want to consider all the benefits of a boat leaning post.

Benefits of a boat leaning post.  

One of the biggest benefits of a leaning post is the added support it provides in rough water. You can lean against the post to help keep your balance and absorb some of the pounding in rough water. In addition to added support most leaning posts offer several options and features such as:

  • Built-in rod holders
  • Integrated Tackle Storage Units
  • Cooler storage
  • Built-in livewell
  • Back Rest
  • Folding foot rest
  • Grab rail for added support
  • Added storage
  • Seat hinges
  • Cooler or equipment hold downs

Boat Outfitters is proud to offer boat leaning posts by Taco Metals. Taco Metals is an industry leader in the marine fabrication business. They provide some of the highest quality leaning posts on the market today. All of our leaning post models offer versatility, functionality and are of the finest marine grade materials. All of our leaning posts come complete with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

The construction of a quality boat leaning post is typically made from high quality aluminum. The aluminum will then be anodized for added strength and to provide a more appealing appearance. The seat is typically made from fiberglass with cushioned seating. Built in storage boxes are typically made from fiberglass or high quality King Starboard marine plastics.

For boaters who prefer to sit rather than stand a boat leaning post my not be the best choice. The height of a typical leaning post stands at approximately 32 inches which not at a height comfortable for sitting. The leaning post seat even with an optional backrest is not contoured for the most comfortable sitting position.

For most fisherman and boaters with a center console, fly bridge or other application when sitting or standing is an option a leaning post might be your best choice. When it comes to the added benefits and options that come with a leaning post it may be your only option. Once installed a leaning post will be a welcomed addition to your boat.


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