Boat Glove Boxes

glove boxes

There never seems to be enough room to stow small items like your wallet, cell phone and car keys on your boat? Boat Outfitters has a full line of boat glove boxes to help solve your problems. (You can never have enough storage space on your boat!) All standard glove boxes can be customized to your specifications to get the most out of your space!

If depth is tight, we have a tilt-out style glove box that only requires 5” of depth for installation. This tilt-out style also allows access behind your box for access to wiring or whatever else may be behind your unit. This tilt-out style box is available in two standard sizes (8.625” tall x 17.5” wide) & (8.625” x 12” wide). However we can stretch or shrink this style box to fit your available space.

tilt out glove box

When looking through our standard glove boxes you will notice a variety of unique features –

An up & in style box where the door slides back on tracks to hold open while running –

up and in glove box

A glove box with a clear acrylic face so you can view the contents of your box at all times –

acrylic door glove box

A glove box with a loncoin non-skid insert to keep your contents from sliding around inside while you run –

non-skid glove box

Other cool customizations we could do –

  • Add seal to any of our boxes
  • Upgrade the door, frame or both to Marine grade acrylic
  • Add a retainer lip to the front of boxes to keep contents from falling out
  • Change to inside mounting for hidden fasteners
  • And many more!

In addition to these slick features we offer two standard style marine glove boxes have been utilized by boat builders for years. The box on the left utilizes an ice bin back and is great for the price conscious shopper. The box on the right is very high and easy to stretch to whatever size is needed.

custom glove boxes

Pricing on our glove boxes are very affordable. Our standard units range from $89.95 to $208.25. If you needed to stretch a standard glove box, we charge $75/hour for engineering changes. Relatively straightforward engineering changes on a glove box will generally fall in the 1 hour or less area.

Whatever your space or price range, we have or can build you the glove box solution that will work for you!

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