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Boat Outfitters a premium Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) is pleased to announce an all new product line of boat consoles specifically for the boat repair or boat retrofit project. Now you can have the same quality built boat consoles like major manufacturers use on new boats. Boat Outfitters has been fabricating and selling center consoles to all of the major boat builders for years. Our consoles have been tested to withstand the roughest of water and continue to withstand the test of time.

Boat Console Construction:

Our center consoles are ideal for just about any application where a center console is required. Our boat consoles are made from fiberglass with dash reinforcement made from 5/8” marine grade plywood. The average thickness of our fiberglass runs from ¼” to 3/8”. All boat consoles are made in our shop and are of course, 100% American made.

Boat Console Sizes:

We have a variety of sizes of boat consoles available for virtually any application or boat project. Choose from our smaller 21” x 16” model, perfect for smaller skiffs or choose our largest boat console which measures a whopping 38’ x 38”. This, our largest model is ideal for center console boats in the 24’ to 28’ range. In total we are currently offering 4 different sizes which will take care of just about any boat project.

Boat Console Uses:

Many times on older boats the boat console will become damaged or simply crack due to rough water and continued use. We are offering a reasonable priced solution to make replacing your boat console easy and affordable. We also have customers who want to completely remodel or retrofit their existing boat. Our boat consoles make a great addition. Since our boat consoles are made from extra thick fiberglass and the dash is reinforced they make great rough water center consoles. Our boat consoles will not flex or vibrate like many thinner consoles.

Boat Console Accessories:

Like all of our products Boat Outfitters offers various accessories to complement our product lines. Our boat consoles are no exception. You can choose from custom doors, tackle trays, boat glove boxes and various storage units. The options are endless when you utilize our custom boat accessories along with our boat consoles.

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